We are almost 8 billion people in the world.

8 000 000 000 people.

I think we can all say that it’s impossible to understand all the persons, but we can understand the person that is with us all day long.


It’s quite simple, there is a says…. “ we are the medium of the 5 people we hang around”.

When I hang around with my friends, I know them because we talk to each other for years and we go to parties, go to restaurants etcetera…


The thing that matters the most is that we care about…


I work as a copywriter freelance for business in the circular economy and sustainability products, but until 3 months ago, I was in the same position you are now.

So I think 3 steps can help you to find something good.

The first step.

Read books and watch videos.

All the types of videos.


Do you like math?

Ok, watch a video that speaks about the literature of philosophy.

Do you like to play chess? Ok, now try to play basketball.

Do you like to read fantasy books? Now try to read a storybook.

Open your mind to…

(maybe you should read this)

“ Why do you keep going with this ? “

This is the first thing that comes into my mind after I acknowledge the “Sustainability problem”.

“ It’s very complicated “, I thought after a few days, after research, after a “brainstorming” with video online.

I don’t know too much about nature, the only thing is that I don’t love the “ecological world”, especially insects.

I always heard a voice in the background like “there is a problem, but don’t worry ” in my childhood.

This is a problem.


When I go…

Benedict Aleh Ogadinma

Copywriter for companies and services within the world of sustainability

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